Think Ink Fidget Pen


This is a pen that can be bent, rotated and turned into various creative, anti irritability features. We created an interesting device for all situations, so you can use anytime, anywhere!

This is not just a toy, it is a ball point pen, or a dedicated tool to help people of any age stay focused.

This is not only the pressure relief you get in your career, or the cube you wish to play during the meeting.

This is a key tool with built-in writing tools to help you record your best ideas and get M + finish!



  1. This product has a strong suction please be careful and do not hurt your fingers
  2. It is not suggested if you put this kind of pen together with magnetic things such as mobile phones, magnetic card and passbook, etc.
  3. Please keep this product away from appliances such as computer or television which own a screen.
  4. Strong magnetic is fragile; please do not pound it to the ground
  5. Please get out its cartridge if unused for a long time because strong magnetic would magnetize ink pen and ink, which may make ink leakage (magnetizing cup principle)


  • A toy, a ballpoint pen, a tool for staying focused.
  • Think ink pen, a great choice for office use.
  • Pastime during meeting.
  • Bendable, convenient to use.

Package Contents:
1 x Stress Relief Fidget Pen

Additional information

Weight42 g
Dimensions142 mm


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